Distribution Transformer Design, Cost Optimization Application

TRAFOSYS Technology has developed (copyright under progress) transformer design application based on iterative process to select best design which meet customer specification under lowest material cost or least capitalized cost for copper wound, three phase, oil cooled distribution transformer.

It is SAAS based (Software As A Service) application, which allow you to generate Transformer design, from anywhere – any time.

Trafosys is changing the way of Designing Transformer

Key Features

  • No installation - Generate design on go.
  • Generate design with lowest cost possible.
  • Available - Anytime – Anywhere for any authorized user
  • Significant Savings in material cost
  • Generate set of documents which are needed during tender submission
  • Automatically upgraded
  • No need of high end computing machine at user end.
  • Pay as you Go pricing model
  • Offers storage of designs and easy retrieval of past designs of particular User
  • No limit of number of users.
  • Maintain highest confidentiality and data security of each customer / user organization


Application Benefits

Use of Application shall result in following tangible benefit to customer

  • Error free design
  • Improving the manufacturing practices based tangible saving by comparing current manufacturing and parameter with best in class manufacturing and parameter.
  • Significant Savings in material cost
  • Can be used by outstation User Marketing team for quick response to customer by doing on-line changes with in pre-defined design parameter instead referring to their Design in plant.